Our Crematory was estabished in 1910, one of the first in New England. The        crematory operates daily from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. and weekends and holidays by appointment.
Common Questions Regarding Cremation Services
Is embalming necessary when choosing cremation? 

If you're choosing a viewing prior to cremation, embalming is required. If opting for direct cremation embalming isn't necessary unless the body is held for several days prior to cremation.
How long after death can cremation take place? 

In Massachusetts there is a 48 hour waiting period prior to cremation. The medical examiner can wave the time limit due to contagious disease or family wishes.
Is purchasing a casket required for cremation? 

A casket is required for viewing and transportation for church services. A family may purchase a casket or choose to rent a casket. When a casket rental is used for the body, the interior box, and casket lining is removed for cremation. A direct cremation where there is no embalming, a wooden cremation container can be used.
What is the medical examiners role in cremation? 

The medical examiner will review the cause of death in the death certificate and examine the body. The medical examiners fee for this procedure is $200.00.
Where may cremated remains be buried after cremation? 

Cremated remains may be buried in an existing family plot that may or may not have room for more burials. When burying cremated remains they are usually placed over an existing vault or close to the gravestone. They may also be placed in a columbarium niche or in a separate cremation plot.
Is it necessary to purchase an urn? 

This matter usually involves the cemetery you have chosen. Some cemeteries require an urn for burial and may require an urn vault. The cremated remains leave our facility in a plastic box that some cemeteries accept for burial.
Who is called when a death occurs, the funeral home or the Springfield Cemetery? 

The funeral home should be called and they will make the arrangements with the medical examiner and our office. The funeral home will also provide the documents for these services as well as selecting arrangements, obituary notices, and church and cemetery arrangements.
What if someone wants to scatter cremated remains? 

Springfield Cemetery has a scattering garden for this purpose. The family may also scatter the remains at a beach, pond, woods, etc. but should check local laws regarding this.