Cremation Services: For those that choose cremation, we have multiple memorial options, such as our scattering garden, our urn garden, and earth burials.
Common Questions About Cremation

Cremation Information: Massachusetts law does not allow a crematory to operate as a funeral home. Direct cremations are available at funeral homes if a viewing or embaling is not desired.

(Cremations on Holidays or Saturdays may be subject to extra charge)
Cremation Plot
Cremation Plot                                                                           $550

Bronze Marker - Subject to Change                                        $500

Memorial Scattering Garden                                                    $150

Memorial Scroll in Scattering Garden                                     $300
Marble Niches - Room A                                                       $1,200

Marble Niches - Room B                                                       $1,200

Each Inscription for marble niche                                       $250

Each Inurnment for marble niche                                       $150