Historic Grave Site
The Civil War monument, Soldier's Rest, dedicated in 1877. During the Civil War few support services were available for soldiers. The "ladies of Springfield" organized a Soldier's Rest Association in 1862. During the Christmas season 1864 they held a fair, raised $18,000 which was used to help 17,000 veterans and their families, providing needed clothing, food, medicine, and rail fares home. With remaining surplus funds they erected a monument of a private soldier at guard rest. More than 200 Civil War soldiers are buried in the cemetery. Many dying on their way home, are buried around the later-erected Soldier's monument.
This stone is a monument to Milton Clyde Long, who met his death in the wreck of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. Long was the only son of one of the city's prominent families.
The Titus family monument, located on the Cedar Street side of the cemetery, is a fitting monument to a successful, Victorian real estate man. It is a 6 foot high monument detailed as a two story family dwelling of solid white marble, and East Longmeadow brownstone steps. The stone is also a monument to three wives: Louise (1834-1921), Mary (1821-1889) and Pamelia (1823-1891).
This stone is a monument to Civil War Colonel Everett Peabody, who died in the Battle of Shiloh in 1862.